Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 and a HAPPY, comfortable, peaceful HOME for 2014.
(Words and drawings borrowed, with admiration, from Neil Gaiman)



Thursday, December 19, 2013

Favorite Things

It's the week before Christmas, and I won't keep you long. I feel quite organized, but also as if there aren't enough hours in the day for what I want (need/would like) to do. Maybe you feel the same way?
I actually think we should plan special things more often, but on a smaller scale, instead of saving it all up for one day. Christmas often feels to me like a wedding; you plan for months, obsessing over every careful detail, when all people remember is that it rained, they had fun, and you had lipstick on your teeth. It's about memories, not perfection.  

Anyway, this blog is brief, with just a few of my favorite things that I wanted to share in the middle of the joy, peace and panic of the Holidays. Just because.....

 My favorite dessert ever. A Pavlova looks impressive, but is sooooo easy. Promise. Filled with fresh whipped cream and lots of fruit, it feeds a crowd of people. (Click for Recipe).

One of my favorite quotes.
This is one my favorite things, because the seriousness of having a Falconry Companion Kit just makes me laugh.
(from Neiman Marcus in case you needed it ).

No-one can be un-cheered if they blow bubbles! And, did you know that if you blow bubbles outside, and it is 32 degrees or less, they will freeze?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Elvis, Martha and a Notepad

Years ago, I would have given Martha Stewart a run for her money. My Christmas was signed, sealed and on it's way by the end of October. Now, not so much. Like many of you, it is December 2nd and I am scrambling to put together a holiday that is filled with friends, food, presents, Christmas cards, a tree, decorations, and, oh yes, peace and joy!

So, I admit I am a little behind (and I will never be Martha again) but I do have a plan. As always, it begins with a cup of tea and a notepad, the rest is easy....

  • Holiday CD blasting (Elvis, of course).
  • A list of absolutely everything that is spinning in my head; from paying the electric bill, to ordering that orange thing that I have never even heard of.
  • Prioritize the list. (If I don't pay the electric bill the other things won't really matter).
  • Put as many things as I can onto my calendar, and out of my head. (eg. Bake cookies on December 14th, call Auntie B, mail off Christmas presents etc).
  • Make another list of who I want to buy presents for (with ideas of what I would like to get them).
  • Divide the list into on-line purchases, and in-shop. Try my hardest to consolidate, so I am not running all over the place, and paying seven separate shipping fees. (Look for coupons and specials on-line).
  • Think of a budget (this will disappear very quickly, but it always makes me feel better in the beginning).
  • Eat a cookie, and heat up my tea.
  • Put Blake Shelton's CD on, then switch to Aretha Franklin. Go back to Elvis.
  • Decide on a definite day, or two (or three) to get all of this done.
  • Plan where I will go for lunch, or an extra-nice coffee, in between my shopping.
  • Remind myself to be flexible, and expect things to change. (If I can't buy it, find it, afford it, or order it, I'll come up with another idea).
Maybe you write lists as well, or perhaps this is still too early for you to be thinking about it; whatever you do, I would love to hear your thoughts on prepping for the holidays. Leave a comment, or post directly to my Wendy at the Blue Giraffe Facebook page.             

p.s. Am hoping neither Blake or Aretha were offended during the writing of this blog :-)